26 most beautiful types of euphorbia varieties

26 πιο όμορφα είδη ποικιλιών ευφορβίας

There are many different types of dowels with a variety of peculiar shapes and sizes. Here The most popular type of euphorbia. You can grow!

If you want an ornamental plant with succulent foliage and beautiful flowers, give it a try. The most popular type of euphorbia. It will definitely look great in your garden!

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The most popular type of euphorbia.

1. Dragon Bone Tree

Uhlik cactus

botanical name: Euphorbia lactea

USDA zone: 10a-11b

This small tree or shrub displays upright green cross-section trunks with open cores. They have a white and green pattern with two black dots.

2. Crown of Thorns

Type 2 of fungi
Jennifer Stone

botanical name: grass jelly

USDA zone: 9-11

euphorbia This evergreen shrub is often grown as a houseplant. You can choose from many varieties with pink, red or yellow flowers that bloom continuously.

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3. Board

cut the drain

botanical name: Euphorbia amygdaloides

USDA zone: 6-8

Asparagus is a type of evergreen perennial that blooms in mid to late spring with yellow flowers and grows 1-2 feet tall.

4. Donkey motivation

4 types of mushrooms

botanical name: Euphorbia myrsinite

USDA zone: 5-9

This creeping perennial can reach 1-2 feet tall and displays blue-gray foliage with yellow flowers. Looks great in small pots.

5. Basketball euphoria

Ruth Bancroft Garden

botanical name: Obesity Euphorbia

USDA zone: 9-11

This small succulent has globular stems that grow slowly. becomes cylindrical when fully grown This type of euphorbia is usually grown as an ornamental plant.

6. Pillow

6 types of mushrooms

botanical name: Euphorbia polychroma

USDA zone: 4-8

These perennials bloom yellow in the spring. The leaves are so dense that they resemble a pillow.

7. Euphoria River


botanical name: Euphorbia Triangle

USDA zone: 10a-11b

This succulent is also known as the chandelier. There are many cylindrical stems. There are light green to yellow green branches that grow upwards.

8. Eyebrow pencil

8 types of mushrooms

botanical name: Euphorbia mauritanica

USDA zone: 9b-11b

GCommonly known as Thorns and Thorns yellow milk bush and fox paws This euphorbia has many upright fleshy pencil-like branches.

9. Deblispina

succulent garden

botanical name: Euphorbia tebilispina

USDA zone: 10a-11b

This spiny succulent shrub forms large, highly branched clumps. The gray-green to blue-green stems show a reddish tint when exposed to the sun.

10. Spurge without leaves

Types of euphoria 10

botanical name: Euphorbia aphylla

USDA zone: 9b-11b

There are light grey-green, yellow-green or blue-green leafless stems that grow from short stems. The yellow flowers bloom in clusters throughout the year. but mainly occurs in spring and autumn

11. Constellations

botanical name: Euphorbia guiengola

USDA zone: 10b-11b

It is a rare succulent. with branches small green leaves and many white flowers with a red center. This deciduous plant continues to bloom throughout the winter.

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12. Red Monadinium

12 types of mushrooms

botanical name: Euphorbia neorubella

USDA zone: 10a-11b

This variety has many small tubers or clusters of large round tubers. Dark green leaves with a reddish underside grow on green stems in the form of purple-green stripes.

13. Ancient Spurge

botanical name: feeling of euphoria in ancient times

USDA zone: 10a-11b

The ancient clone is a small tree or shrub with young green branches, green leaves and a brown cylindrical trunk. Yellow-green to pink flowers bloom year-round.

14. Deep red

Types of mushrooms 14
world with meat

botanical name: Euphorbia Abdelcurie

USDA zone: 9-11

This succulent has columnar stems that are grayish green to grayish green. not only does it look weird But it’s also a great mini model for small spaces!

15. Vulcan’s


botanical name: Euphorbia vulcanorum

USDA zone: 10a-11b

This succulent shrub grows 2-3 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide with dense green branches at 4-5 angles. It blooms with decorative orange-red flowers from spring to fall.

16. Bioensis

Types of euphoria16

botanical name: Euphorbia bioensis

USDA zone: 10b-11b

These fleshy little long cylindrical stems are covered with thorns. There are also red noses that darken with age. Small primrose flowers appear from spring to summer.

17. Cliff Spurge

botanical name: Euphorbia misera

USDA zone: 10a-11b

The spiny stems have twisted stems. The leaves are hairy, round, dull green. They bloom in spring with yellow or white flowers.

18. Indian sparrow

18 types of mushrooms
Shutterstock/Although Karomi

botanical name: Euphobia, Nerifolia

USDA zone: 10-12

This spiny succulent grows 15 to 18 feet tall with thick stems and large green leaves. and has gray-brown to black spines

19. Crown without thorns


botanical name: Euphorbia Geraldine

USDA zone: 9-11

This beautiful semi-succulent shrub has no thorns and glossy dark green leaves. It blooms continuously in coral red flowers with a yellow center.

20. African candlestick

botanical name: Euforbia Ammack

USDA zone: 9-12

This tree-like plant can reach 15-20 feet in height over time. The crown is wide and dark, erect. It is decorated with lanceolate leaves.

21. False Globose Spurge

Types of mushrooms 21

botanical name: Euphorbia pseudoglobosa

USDA zone: 8-11

This dwarf thornless euphorbia forms dense patches of grey-green stems with 5-6 ribs. It blooms in small yellow flowers at the top.

22. Candles of the Desert

Photos of arthropods

botanical name: Euphorbia Abyssinica

USDA zone: 9-11

Desert candles grow dense green stems that become woody as they mature. Flowers grow without petals. but with yellow petals

23. Decari

botanical name: Euphorbia ‘Decaryi’

USDA zone: 9-11

Distinguished by toothed leaves. This mat-shaped plant grows 4-6 inches tall and blooms with yellow, red, or yellow-green flowers.

24. Caribbean Copper Factory

24 types of mushrooms

botanical name: Euphorbia cotinifolia

hardness zone: 8-11

This tropical shrub has fleshy oval copper-red purple leaves. Flowers appear in late spring to mid summer.

25. Poinsettia

Shutterstock / Mathyas Rehag

botanical name: A very beautiful cone mushroom

USDA zone: 9-11

This small shrub has upright stems with beautiful red leaves or flower-like stems. This is one of the most beautiful euphorbia varieties you can grow!

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26. Pencil Cactus

Types of euphoria 26

botanical name: Euphorbia tirucalli

USDA zone: 9-12

The pencil cactus is a tropical succulent native to Africa and India. It is also known as “firstick” or “milk bush” because of its milky sap and long, pencil-like branches.

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