32 tiny corners made into a mini indoor garden

32 μικροσκοπικές γωνιές που γίνονται σε μίνι κήπο σε εσωτερικούς χώρους

That’s what Small corner Small garden decoration ideas so you take up little space to create a beautiful green space

It depends on the size and location of the corner and your personal needs and preferences. There are many ways to use the small corners of your home. These are simply amazing. Small corner Small garden decoration ideas Perfect for such a place!

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Small corner Small garden decoration ideas

1. Succulents and large leafy plants in terracotta pots

Small indoor garden idea with amazing garden tools full of succulents and large foliage.

2. Hanging Jute Pots Wall Art, Pots and Vines

Small corners create interior garden decoration ideas 2

Power up your cannabis with this great idea. and fill a small space with board bedding hemp planter wall art hanging pots and vines

3. Hanging pots, stands and white pots with wooden chairs


Mix hanging pots with white plants and sansevierias in a planter. You will end up with a lovely living room with comfortable wooden chairs among the trees.

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4. Metallic plant means shiny foliage.

These white and black plant pots can add color to any small corner. With bright patterned leaves with metal plant pots.

5. Macrame Unique hanging plant pots and stands

Small corner and mini garden interior ideas 5
sew a seam

The mini garden is another lovely little corner built into the building. It features unique macramé plant stands and hanging pots in a small, brightly lit space.

6. A large plant pot with a bulb

This large pot on a metal base with a lamp is ideal for expanding a small space.

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7. A large stone pot under the stairs.

Ideas to turn a cute little corner into a mini garden include a large potted plant on a rock under the stairs with a large leafy plant.

8. Terracotta pots and square plant pots

Interior ideas for small corner, mini garden 8

A table full of terracotta pots and a large square garden are impressive and wonderful ideas to transform a small space. to become an interior garden

9. Terracotta pots with succulents and tropical plants

A terracotta pot combined with white filled with succulents and tropical plants will leave anyone spellbound with a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

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10. Green and light green in plants

Connie and Luna

A large multi-potted plant for a beautiful indoor garden. where you can sit and surround the living room with amazing plants.

11. Vines and large-leaved plants

Melissa Frusco

The beauty of the vines complementing the beauty of the large foliage will appeal to all with the idea of ​​including this little corner in a small garden.

12. Colorful flowers, stars and wallpapers

Interior ideas for small corner, mini garden 12

Make the space under the stairs enjoyable for everyone with wood paneling, wallpaper, colorful flowers and stars.

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13. A corner shelf full of tiny pots.

never avoid

A lovely little corner created within a tiny garden, using pipes to add movable corner shelves and decorate small plant pots.

14. White and small trees

visionary husband

A large white planter with small plants and small succulents will do wonders for a small living space.

15. Flowering stage, hanging pot, dense foliage

Small corners create a small garden, 15 interior design ideas

Check out this amazing little nook that creates an idea for mini indoor gardens with mini pots. Hanging pots with vines and thick foliage

16. Bright leaves on white plants and textiles.

A woven plant pot with white plants is a great idea to use in a small space. to become an interior garden

17. Hammocks, hanging pots, cacti and vines.

Want a cool and comfortable place? Add a hammock and surround it with potted vines, cacti and succulents.

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18. Hanging pots, succulents and small pots in a planter.

Small corner interior ideas, mini garden 18
impressive day

A small garden is one of the ideas of small corners. The most incredible built in building. add small space With wooden chairs, hanging pots, succulent pots and a pot full of amazing plants.

19. Rocking chairs, flags and lights

Do you want to make your balcony a beautiful retreat? Add rocking chairs, vines, plant pots. Carpet and lighting

20. Hanging vines and pots


The simple and modern Tiny Nook Made All Mini Gardens concept adds wooden bases, wooden chairs, hanging vines and terracotta pots to the base of plants.

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21. Sansevieria and hanging vines

beautiful mess

The vivid beauty of a sanseveria on a tree, creamy white bed. macrame hanging pot and large leafy trees will enhance a small space. Absolutely

22. Huge monster plant

Ideas for interior spaces for small corner, mini garden 22
Confederate plan

Check out that huge monster cauldron next to it. Comfortable chairs, lamps and wooden tables, what else does a small space need?

23. Combination of large and small pots

The combination of large pots with large-leaved plants in small pots is a perfect combination and a clever corner that creates an idea for the interior of the small garden.

24. Living room with hammock and plants

Add a hammock and surround it with beautiful green foliage for a cool spot from the movie.

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25. Succulents and vines

home decoration

Amazing potted succulents and pergola combined with large wooden and metal chairs make up a book lover’s dream.

26. Bright green plants in a white garden

Small corners create small indoor garden ideas 26

A room full of bright green plants in a white garden and woven garden. with wooden chair and bed A small garden is a small corner. better at internal ideas

27. Leaves with large leaves


This large potted plant in a dark color that matches the wooden furniture is a timeless classic.

28. A shelf full of pots and vines.

Here’s another great idea with pots. large clay pot and a beautiful vine on the shelf

29. Hanging pots and plant stands

Pots hanging near the window and a table full of cute pots, coffee cups and dolls can turn the work and reading area into a beautiful indoor garden.

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30. Small pots on shelves and windowsills

Small Nook A Mini Garden 30 Indoor Ideas

Decorate windows and shelves with small pots and larger pots filled with tropical plants to make your bedroom a wonderful space.

31. Decorative glass arbors and woven plant pots.

Botanical House

This is an excellent corner that creates an idea for a small indoor garden with wooden benches and planters, beautiful pots and bunches of grapes around a mirror.

32. Small pots and planters on the shelf

Want an indoor garden without much effort? Add a wooden chair and a box with a potted plant. Then see what the perfect indoor garden looks like for you.

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