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Hello to the green community. This is Naomi, creator and author of the site. I built this online platform to enable indoor plant lovers to keep their homes and offices green for a long time. I have been dealing with many rules of plant nutrition from a young age, watching my mom take care of her plant’s growth.

People who live in small apartments, with no space to grow plants outside, usually end up decorating their corners with miniature indoor plants. Whether you are gifted with Monstera for your birthday or want to buy Lily for your room, they will require special care and the right time to feed them with water and fertilizer.

An inexperienced gardener is more likely to fail to best plant survival when the brown dots appear after a few days of life. Still water isn’t always the key either. Therefore, you will find me here translating my deep knowledge into words about the steps you need to take to take proper care and nurture the beauty of your interiors for a long time.

I will be constantly uploading blogs about many indoor plants from time to time. If you find any missing ground rules to adopt for plant life, please share them in the comments section for the reading community. Thanks!

Please give your support and love.

Thanks for visiting!