71 nicest balcony garden ideas

71 ωραιότερες ιδέες κήπου για μπαλκόνι

So sweet with these garden ideas for balcony In this post, you can turn your balcony into the best outdoor space in your home!

If you don’t have a backyard Your balcony is the best place to relax and make the most of your free time. with plants and accessories You can make it more interesting and relaxing. to inspire you We share the best garden ideas for balcony go down!

Check out the best garden ideas for small balconies to copy here.

beautiful balcony garden ideas

1. Create a vertical garden with a balcony

This DIY post will teach you how to best build a vertical garden on your balcony from scratch. garden ideas for balconySee more vertical garden ideas here.

here Functional ideas for balcony furniture

2. How to create a garden in a small town

Whether you have a patio or a small balcony. This informative post will teach you how to garden in a limited space.

3. DIY patio table

Use the corners of your balcony to create a floating table and create the desired DIY shelter!

4. Japanese terrace garden

Do you need a private corner to sit quietly in your spare time? Create a truly stunning Japanese roof garden. garden ideas for balcony

5. Organize a balcony garden to deter squirrels.

Squirrels are always cute until they start damaging your plants. If you don’t want squirrels to come to your balcony often. Try this DIY helper to banish them.

6. Balcony Planter Ladder

Looking for vertical garden ideas for your balcony with amazing planters? This video tutorial will teach you how to make a terrace farm for your patio garden, rooftop or patio. For more DIY staircase ideas, click here.

7. Water on the balcony

Adding a water feature to your raised porch will bring peace and serenity.

8. Brand new garden balcony

If you are a balcony gardener and want to transform your small balcony. Check out this amazing transformation here. garden ideas for balcony

9. Balcony apartment with garden water tank

You can have a beautiful water container garden on your balcony or patio in the most amazing apartment balcony garden ideas. See more ideas here.

That’s what we call the birds in the balcony garden.

10. Vertical meat terrace

You can set up pots like this for succulents or other plants. on your balcony Save space and create a beautiful container garden. garden ideas for balcony on our list

11. Simple and elegant small balcony

This roof garden makes perfect use of vertical space. Save extra space to create a pleasant space for you.

See the best decorated small outdoor patios on Pinterest. here

12. Small vegetable garden

How many types of vegetables can be grown on the balcony or deck? If you are looking for balcony vegetable garden ideas. This picture is the answer! Find vegetable garden ideas here.

13. Create a forest terrace

If you love greenery Do what is best and design your balcony to look like a forest with greenery that can create privacy. garden ideas for balcony.

Here is a lifesaving trick for balcony gardeners to prevent water from dripping off the balcony.

14. You have a lot of hanging baskets.

You can have many hanging basket plants in your balcony garden and also save the sitting area.

15. Charming garden with terrace

Choose deck tiles or real wood flooring for your patio. Adding gravel and steps can add a more natural touch.

16. Balcony fencing, hanging plants

looking for the best garden ideas for balcony? This hanging herb garden allows you to grow your favorite culinary herbs and create a herb garden balcony in your apartment.

17. Decorative lights on the balcony

Here is another idea for small balcony landscaping with palm trees and tamarind and accessories. Add some glitter to make it even more perfect.

Check out these beautiful balcony lighting ideas. here

18. Balcony wall garden

A small patio with storage and a walled garden like this make it a great place for a cozy little family gathering.

19. Roof garden courtyard

This arrangement works well with large verandas and balconies. Use chairs and tables to relax with your loved ones.

20. If you like blue

if you like blue use blue garden ideas for balcony and create something similar for yourself.

21. Organic vegetables on the balcony

What’s better than growing organic vegetables and having a magically colorful balcony garden?

Here are some balcony gardening tips to follow before starting a balcony garden.

22. Vertical garden with wooden stairs

The combination of wood and green goes well. And the combination of the two will give your balcony garden a touch of nature.

23. Balcony pipe cutting machine

All you need is a gutter pipe, an anchor and some flowers and you can make this beautiful garden idea. You can take large PVC pipes and turn them into PVC pipe garden ideas on your balcony.

24. Garden idea for a balcony with a cage

balcony gardener

Do you want to create a garden that is different from others? Bird cages can be used to create a unique and decorative look. garden ideas for balcony; It gives your garden a unique look.

25. Balcony with greenhouse

A balcony with a greenhouse is a good idea. See more mini greenhouse projects here!

26. Modern balcony garden

Still looking for something better Ideas for a balcony garden? Turn your balcony or deck into a fun space for your friends and family.

This is a picture of the balcony garden he taught me. “Grows more in less space”

27. Balcony wall lounge

A side garden that saves space can be a great idea.

28. Terrace hammocks

Adding a hammock chair or swing will make your porch more fun. Check out these DIY hammock ideas for inspiration.

29. Bamboo Fence Balcony Garden

imported bamboo

Do you love bamboo? Why not combine it with your balcony and create the most beautiful balcony garden? garden ideas for balcony?

30. Crooked Terrace Herb Hall

Planting a tower garden is not the only issue.

imported bamboo

Idea to save space but also make your balcony look elegant. Check out more herb garden ideas for inspiration!

31. Modern terrace garden with shed

If a balcony like this isn’t the place for relaxing family moments, then what is? Add fun furniture and greenery to your balcony and you’re good to go

Check out this garden idea for a small balcony. Stunning from the Chelsea Flower Show here

32. Succulent roof garden

balcony garden

This roof garden is full of plants and worth admiring. Just add a glass door to it. You will have a garden on a small balcony. Beautiful with artificial glass doors where you can enjoy the gardener.

33. Hanging coconut planters

Recycling is a good thing and can be done anywhere. and it’s amazing garden ideas for balconyThis image is an example! Use water bottles and coconut shells as planters to create an affordable balcony garden.

34. Roof with lawn


Do you want to enjoy the lawn on the balcony of your apartment? go for artificial grass

35. Colorful balcony garden

This limited space garden is nothing short of a true cottage garden. Follow this idea on your balcony. Learn the most important aspects of container garden design here!

Here is a festive idea for decorating a balcony garden.

36. Crooked Terrace Rose Garden

real estate management

trust us? This beautiful garden can be yours. See how you can create a rose garden on this balcony.

37. Topiary terrace

Make a rooftop garden with cool stuff. garden ideas for balcony learning the art of making garnishes or buying fake garnish kits.

38. Office room with balcony

Your balcony is a cozy place to read in the summer.

39. Suan Phak Apartment

Turn your ordinary balcony into a productive vegetable garden if it gets some sun.

40. Hanging plants on the balcony

Use bags, purses and totes to grow plants and hang them on your balcony railings to share your creativity with the world.

Learn all about building a terraced garden. here

41. Porch swing

You can also add swings to your balcony if you have the space with your favorite plants. Definitely good. garden ideas for balcony and full of fun

42. Wall texture classifier

You can follow the design of this restaurant from your balcony. with fake plants or real plants This is a very unique idea.

43. Succulent terrace frame

When creating a modern terrace garden Adding vertical walls is important.Also avoid planting too many plants in the space.

44. Balcony Railing Planter

This plant hanger gives you the option to place your plant pots vertically on the rail.

45. Artificial grass decks

Top view of a beautiful garden terrace decorated with artificial grass See more garden ideas for balcony Here with amazing space

Find DIY pergola ideas for your balcony garden here.

46. ​​Balcony with a view

Choosing the right furniture is essential to creating a balcony garden. Learn how to choose the best patio furniture here.

47. DIY Hanging Tree

Try these DIY hanging plants on your balcony. It’s simple and one of the best on our list. garden ideas for balcony!

48. Modern balcony garden

Add lots of pebbles and bamboo to give your balcony garden a nice touch. which is a good idea for a shady spot.

49. The best balcony decoration

Pop Sugar

If your balcony is open A shade or canopy is a good idea. You can also add beautiful pots to decorate the balcony and add a touch of whimsy with something even more dramatic. garden ideas for balcony.

50. Ikea roof garden with flowers

balcony garden

Just use a small piece of furniture. can create this amazing urban style balcony.

Here are some apartment balcony garden decoration ideas that you must try!

51. Backyard garden patio with hanging plants

Are there extra pockets around? Create this hanging bag idea for your balcony garden.

52. The balcony of love

Do you have a small balcony? You can do this romantic balcony idea and surprise your partner!

53. Glass balcony railing with large trees

Update your balcony with large plant pots and glass railings to make your balcony look elegant and classy at its best. garden ideas for balcony here.

54. Back porch wall with marble seat and plants

Give your balcony a traditional touch with this fresh and colorful balcony garden idea.

55. Mini Jungle Balcony Garden

Create a cool, calm and comfortable corner in your home by combining different plants and planters.

Here are some of the most beautiful balcony garden ideas for apartments in New York.

56. On the balcony with the succulent vines.

balcony garden

You can create this roof garden with vines and pergolas along with other succulents. It will give your balcony a bohemian look.

57. Pots in a long corridor

There is a narrow balcony. And still want a garden with a balcony? plus new stuff Choose your plants and planters wisely. balcony garden ideas, and arranged in the above form

58. Small apartment balcony with bamboo fountain

Give your balcony a rustic atmosphere with rustic furniture and plant ideas for your balcony garden.

59. City rooftop with snake plant

Snake plants are known for their ability to purify the air. And their green foliage gives your balcony a luxurious look. In addition, it is easy to maintain.

Learn the secrets to starting a balcony flower garden here.

60. Patio with wooden floor and trees

If you have a small yard outside the house and want to improve it This patio garden idea is for you.

61. Balcony terrace with lavender pots.

Add lavender to your balcony and patio garden and make it a favorite spot for everyone in the house. garden ideas for balconyLearn how to grow lavender plants here.

62. Fresh herbs on the balcony

Growing aromatic herbs on your balcony can be used for cooking. It will create a beautiful and fragrant green light around your balcony.

63. Japanese terrace garden

Create a Japanese balcony garden with plants. gravel And a big rock like in the picture! For more Japanese patio landscaping ideas, click here.

64. Zen Terrace Garden

Lots of white pebbles in a pot and a beautiful arrangement of plants can create a mini zen terrace garden for you.

Check out these quick tips on how to create a balcony herb garden. here

65. Hanging herbaceous plants

You can recreate this hanging balcony garden by attaching your planters to your gallery fence and enjoying the herbs too. It’s at the top of our list. garden ideas for balcony

66. Upside down tomatoes on the balcony.

Grow tomatoes upside down on your balcony and keep them moist for longer. Here’s how you can do it.

67. Drought-tolerant succulents for balconies

Ramsey Succulent

Gather drought-tolerant plants in your balcony garden, as they can survive in bright sunlight and save you from daily watering.

68. Boards from wooden planters for a terrace wall.

Using wooden slats, you can create side pots on your balcony that take up less space. Read more about the exciting and innovative here. garden ideas for balcony

Here are some balcony garden ideas for safety and privacy.

69. Apartment balcony Succulent and cacti garden

Grow your favorite succulents and cacti in your balcony garden using metal stands and window boxes. Don’t forget the plastic flamingos!

70. Mini terrace garden

This simple and practical terrace garden is an easy way to turn your balcony into a cozy little green space. Watch the video for more details.

71. Perennials with white planters.

Look no further than these simple and charming perennials adorned with white potted plants. garden ideas for balcony.

Watch this video for more information.

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